Wonder Woman (2017)


I first learned that a Wonder Woman film was in the works a good few years ago as Joss Whedon was originally down to direct however, walked away from the project.  As much as I love Whedon’s work and he’s proven he can direct a strong female character very well, as he does in ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, I’m actually glad he walked away. I feel that this film needed that female director as the one thing I was hoping wouldn’t happen in this film, didn’t.  We see female characters, not just superheroes in films and they’re sexualised constantly.  I mean take the disaster that was ‘Catwoman’, Halle Berry is an award winning actress yet this film was just her prancing around in a barely there outfit! Wonder Woman, on the other hand is strong, fearless and although she’s beautiful, not at one point does she use this to her advantage in this film and I think it’s brilliant and why this film works so well.

Gal Gadot is the perfect Wonder Woman in my opinion.  I first saw her portray this iconic character in ‘Batman Vs Superman’ and she was the best thing about that film. Gal does all her own stunts, although during this film she was five months pregnant so I’m not sure if she did everything stunt wise for this film which is understandable.

Wonder Woman goes back to the events before ‘Batman Vs Superman’ and tells the origin story of Diana ‘Prince’.  We first see a young Princess Diana, a curious and stubborn child that just wants to train with the other Amazonian women however, her mother forbids her.  Luckily for Diana, the General has other ideas and agrees and trains to fight…

We learn that she is not like the other women on the island and seems to have some sort of mystical power, there is a lot of whispering going on and hints that there is more to Diana than meets the eye.

Throughout the film Diana learns what man-kind is like and meets some interesting characters along the way.  Chris Pine’s character Steve Trevor is brilliant, he’s the perfect companion for her.  He has his own story to tell and reasons for his actions and you learn this throughout the film. I really liked how although you know they develop feelings for each other, this doesn’t distract you from the main plot of the film and become one of those ‘action rom-coms’.  I think this film was cast perfectly, I have no complaints about any of the characters as everyone fits in the film and has their own part to play.  You feel different things towards these characters, although it’s Wonder Woman she doesn’t steal all of the screen time in my opinion which is refreshing for this kind of film.

The effects were perfect, I’m assuming this film had a massive budget though but it was money well spent. The iconic Wonder Woman costume is flawless, so much less ‘cheesy’ than previous ones and I feel this adds to the authenticity of the film.

Overall I personally this this movie stands out as we live in a world where our comic-book heroes are coming to life on a regular basis in both film and television.  Wonder Woman is probably my favorite superhero film to date, move over Marvel, DC has done it with this film.

Perfect Popcorn Score – It’s got to be a ten, action, romance and a great story… Not to mention a catchy theme tune! 10/10. 

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