The Mummy (2017)


When I first heard about The Mummy, I thought ‘Oh dear, another remake of a classic!’.  This is not a remake of the 1999 film by any means so if you were expecting a family film you’ll be disappointed.

Tom Cruise plays the lead role of Nick Morton in this film and let’s face it he can do action roles pretty well… Unlike Wonder Woman I do have some complaints with the characters in this film.  Firstly, Jake Johnson’s character Chris Vail is that ‘funny guy’ that in my opinion after the first half of the film you just don’t need and seems to just get in the way (a lot). Don’t get me wrong, I like humor in an action film like most people but it just didn’t seem to work well in this one.  Then we have the Gladiator himself, Russell Crowe as Mr Jekyll and of course Mr Hyde.  His portrayal of this iconic character isn’t terrible but it isn’t brilliant either, I feel that Hyde could have been a lot better, I personally don’t understand how a cockney accent can make you more dangerous… I will be back to this in a future post as, after watching this film and being introduced into ‘The Dark Universe’ I really want to look more into actors that are being looked at or already now cast as other legendary ‘monster’ roles.  I do have to say though, Sofia Boutella plays Princess Ahmanet aka The Mummy, very well.  She’s very good at making you almost feel sympathy for her character but at the same time she’s just pure evil.

So, the story of the film is a princess that is set to rule has a baby brother and even though she is older and has trained to rule her whole life because he is a boy he will inherit everything. She makes a deal with the god of death and becomes an evil all-powerful ‘monster’ however, she is stopped and mummified alive then buried far from Egypt and erased from history. Then Nick Morton and co. discover her tomb/prison and he cleverly sets her free… Cue the curses and sandstorms and of course lots of scarabs (and spiders). The effects were pretty decent, clearly a big budget as with most Tom Cruise films.  The ending is the best part in my opinion and is something different which I liked.

Overall it’s a good watch, there’s not a lot you can do with The Mummy that hasn’t been done before but this film does try to give you something new with the Prodigium organisation which I’m sure we’re going to see a lot more of.

Perfect Popcorn Score – I’m giving it a strong seven, plenty of action and a good and interesting ending however, it could have had more of a scare factor in my opinion 7/10. 


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