Alien Covenant (2017)


I’ll be completely honest with you, my hopes weren’t very high for this installment in the ‘Alien’ franchise.  I mean we’ve not had a change of director, this is still a Ridley Scott film but I just found the plot quite pointless.

We have a completely new crew although, Michael Fassbender is back as a new android called Walter. The crew are woken up early as there is a problem with their ship and the ‘Captain’, played by James Franco doesn’t make it. Their mission was to take their colony and start over on a new planet, that they’d studied in depth and decided would be the best place for them.  They then discover another planet which looks to be habitable for humans and a lot closer compared with their original destination. The crew decide to take a look at this ‘other’ planet and that’s when things get messy.   This ‘other’ planet is the crash site of ‘The Prometheus’, they find no survivors apart from David and they learn that Elizabeth Shaw was also on the same ship. As with all the other films, crew members get ‘infected’ and used too give the alien form, nothing new in this film at all really. There was a lack of suspense as well sadly, although Danny McBride’s character Tennessee was entertaining and pretty much made the film for me, it was refreshing to see not just a female human character survive to the end.

The so-called twist at the end of the film was very predictable in my opinion, you could just see it coming… Nothing is really explained in this film either, the same problem I had with ‘Prometheus’. You see a reenactment through Walter and David’s eyes of what happened to the previous race that inhabited the planet but there’s zero explanation as to why it happened and at this stage in the franchise it’s just frustrating. Will we ever learn who created the Alien and why?

Yet again, as with all Alien and let’s be honest all Ridley’s films in general the special effects were flawless. The character designs and environments for the film as amazing, probably the main reason I agreed to see it.

Overall it is a mixture of ‘Prometheus’  and ‘Alien’ however, it’s not got as much of a plot or any suspense as either film. I personally think if Ridley doesn’t wrap up the reason for Alien in the next film, there won’t be much point having one.

Perfect Popcorn Score – I’m giving it a six, it would have been less but the effects are too good for a lower score… 6/10.

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