Get Out (2017)


I hadn’t really heard much about this film, I saw the trailer at the cinema when watching another movie and decided to give it a go when it came out in March this year.

Whenever I see a horror movie at the cinema I go in with an open mind because it’s very difficult to do good horror these days (it seems).  ‘Get Out’, was actually a decent film, mainly because it never went off on a tangent and kept to it’s one story-line, a story-line that made sense.  The film does highlight that stereotypical ‘black boyfriend meets white girlfriends parents for first time‘, but it does this in a dark humor kind of sense which is refreshing.  The film isn’t taking it so seriously and I liked that but I’d say it’s more of a thriller/slasher than a creepy horror movie.

So couple, Chris and Rose live in the city and are visiting Rose’s parents this weekend for the first time. Chris is clearly nervous about this but Rose reassures him that her parents aren’t racist at all and will welcome him into their home.  Chris’ friend Rod tries to convince Chris that it’s a bad idea but Chris still decides to go anyway.  So the couple set off but on their way hit a deer, I thought this was a clever scene as you’re not sure if it relates to what’s going on or not…

The couple reach Rose’s parents house and it’s your usual ‘house on the lake’, although they do have two black people as ‘servants’.  There’s a slightly awkward atmosphere as everyone is trying a little too hard to make Chris feel a home and this ends up having the opposite effect. Georgina and Walter are both acting very strange and more like white middle class, Chris (and let’s face it, everyone watching this film) finds this very strange.  Rose’s mother, Missy is a therapist and uses her skills to stop people smoking, she offers to help Chris but he refuses, so she does it anyway.  It’s an interesting scene and it does give you a slightly better idea of what’s actually going on and things start to slowly add up when the party starts.

The acting in this film is spot on really, Daniel Kaluuya is especially good as Chris, his facial expressions are perfect in every scene.  LilRel Howery as Chris’ best friend Rod adds some great humor to this film, in fact this guy is probably my favorite character.  

The effects in this film are very good, the music is also used too add to the mood and make you aware of things you should take notice of.

Overall this is a pretty good watch, it keeps you guessing which is hard to do these days as we have seen almost everything from haunting’s, viruses, curses etc done to death so this is something slightly different.

Perfect Popcorn Score – Get Out gets a seven from me, it’s got a good story, decent acting but I don’t think it could make up it’s mind on what kind of film it was, for me it was just missing something that The Cabin in the Woods wasn’t.   – 7/10.


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