Charlie’s Angels [Reboot]

I’ll admit, this show was before my time so I never really watched it, even the re-runs as it just looked dated and cheesy.  However, the show does have a relatively good rating on IMDb and some decent reviews, plus it ran for five series so it couldn’t have been that bad right?

Then came the awful 2000 movie staring Cameron DiazDrew Barrymore and Lucy Lui. The movie had a terrible plot and considering the actresses selected, the acting was quite poor. Yet despite this there was actually a sequel which was even worse in 2003. 


I bet none of you knew they also tried to reboot the series in 2011. It only lasted the one series (it was that good) and starred, Minka KellyRachael Taylor and Annie Ilonzeh, I’ve not bothered to watch it and probably never will…

So now Hollywood is trying yet again to reboot this franchise, no cast has been announced however, Elizabeth Banks is set to direct the film.  I’m personally not a massive fan of her previous director/producer films such as Pitch Perfect but they were quite successful box-office wise. The plot has been advised though ‘When Soh Bae turns up applying to be Charlie’s 4th Angel, she is thrown into the deep end immediately, as the other angels are kidnapped by the mysterious Ronny Petankan. With only her nerdy sidekick Nathan Woodhall to help, it is up to Soh to save the angels and save the world before breakfast!’

It sounds as though the film will be aimed at the younger audience judging by the plot and with Banks’ style of film it will more likely be a comedy than a series action flick which is a shame in my opinion.  I mean after Wonder Woman it would be interesting to a Charlie’s Angels film in that same style with us not having seen that before.  I know the series was a comedy but you can have action and comedy without going overboard, like all the jokes we have in Marvel films.

I don’t have anything against Rebel Wilson as a person, she seems lovely however, if she is cast in this movie, I won’t be watching it.  Personally I’d like to see actresses who haven’t yet quite made their mark in film compared with others so…










Blake Lively 

Yes, I’ve warned you before, I’m a fan of Blake Lively’s and I personally think she could do this role justice.  She was really good in both Age of Adaline and The Shallows, proving she’s gotten more range in her acting since her Gossip Girl days.










Jessica Stroup

Jessica started out in the reboot of 90210 and was probably the best actress in the show.  She’s since then done more serious roles in The Following and Iron Fist, I’m sure she would fit the role of an angel perfectly.


Elodie Young

You may recognize this French actress in Netflix’s Daredevil as Elektra. Proving she can play a female superhero brilliantly and bagging herself a role in The Defenders I’m sure she can fill the boots of an angel.

The plot did mention a fourth angel and her nerdy sidekick I think this is where the comedy will come from so I think these pair would fit in great…


Arielle Kebbel 

She’s been in so many TV shows I’ve lost count, from comedy to drama Arielle just needs a proper big break to give her a boost onto the big screen and have her stay there.


Matthew Lewis 

He’s little Neville Longbottom but he was very good in Me, Before you and added some comedy into the film.  Let’s face it he’s got the nerdy, comedy look down but with added ‘British charm’ that might make this role more interesting.

Well there’s my opinions on the cast, it will be a while before anymore news is announced so let’s see what Elizabeth Banks comes up with…

The Age Of Adaline (2015)


I’m going to say something you may not like, I watched every single episode of Gossip Girl when I was younger… I’m a Blake Lively fan, she isn’t the best actress I will agree with you there but she seems like a nice enough person and so I gave this film a go, plus the story sounded interesting.

So Adaline Bowman played by Blake Lively is a woman that, through a car accident, cannot age.  Due to this she’s watched a lot of people she loves pass away and has had to keep moving and changing her identity every few years so that no one learns the truth about her.  I mean the idea of being young forever may seem great but if it’s just you, on your own it’s going to a be lonely life…

Adaline meets a young man called Ellis Jones played by Michiel Huisman that falls for her, she falls for him too but tries to not show her feelings because of her secret. This doesn’t last long and she decides that for once in her life, she’d let herself love someone and have an actual relationship.  There’s a couple of twists to this story that keep it interesting but I will warn you, her little dog sadly passes away (I don’t like spoilers but it got me, I have a thing about dogs in films sorry..). 

The cast in this film are great Blake Lively plays the lead role really well in my opinion.  Harrison Ford is also in this film as he plays Henry HusimanEllis’ father who is an important part in this story. Without giving the story away I will just say that Ford is very good in this film and when watching it I hope you’ll see what I mean by that.

It’s a good story and a well written film, something you can watch any time. It is a romantic film but it’s not exactly cheesy, there’s more of a feel-good vibe from this movie.  Obviously with a story like this one the film isn’t going to be realistic but let’s face it not many romance movies are, I’ve sat and watched many and thought Oh come on! 

There’s not any effects to mention really but I will say that the costumes in this film are beautiful, Lively always seems to get the best wardrobes in her films!

Overall this film is definitely worth a watch if you want romance and drama without too many of the cliches in films today. It wasn’t a film that was overly publicized and it did surprise me. I think that because the male lead wasn’t necessarily a well-known actor or it wasn’t based on a book by Nicholas Sparks’ it didn’t get the ‘hype’ it deserved.

Perfect Popcorn Score – I really enjoyed this movie, it’s just a nice film to watch and it makes you think about life and how people are needed to make it worth while (deep, I know) It gets a solid 8 from me (long live Lively!) – 8/10.