Still Crazy (1998)


I did say I’d review older films as well, so here’s one you need to put on your watch list.  I was sitting at home one day, going through all the channels looking for something decent to watch and discovered ‘Still Crazy’ and it’s now one of my personal favorites actually.

‘Still Crazy‘, is all about a ‘rock’ band called ‘Strange Fruit’ and their hopes of a reunion.  The band has a rocky history as they split up and haven’t seen or spoken to each other in years.  Until one day, the keyboard player Tony, played by Stephen Rea is approached by a guy wanting the band to play a large music festival. Tony jumps at the chance of reliving the glory days and first on his list is to be reunited with is Karen.  Karen was madly in love with Brian, the troubled lead guitarist of the band and went everywhere with the fruits as their ‘unoffical’ manager (or maybe mediator). Karen is now working at a hotel, divorced with a daughter, she agrees to help Tony get the Fruits back together.  They all agree to meet however, tensions show as the bass player Les, played by Jimmy Nail really has it in for their lead singer Ray, played by Bill Nighy. After some drama they all hit the road for a tour around Europe and there is some great laughs in this film from all the cast, especially drummer Beano, played by Timothy Spall and of course their roadie Hughie, played by Billy Connolly.

This film is a really feel-good movie and there’s some emotional scenes as well as laughs.  You see that still, after all this time Karen is still madly in love with Brian and Tony has always loved her. Also that Ray has always felt like an outcast because he joined the band after their original singer and Brians’ brother Keith died from a drug overdose.  This reunion heals old wounds and mends broken friendships within the band to help they make it a second time around.

There’s not really any special effects to mention in this film however, the soundtrack is fantastic! There are many songs created for this film and that’s another reason I love it because they really did go for it with this soundtrack.  My favorite song is probably Les’ ‘The Flame, Still Burns’ it’s a little cheesy but it does work well in this film because it relates to the band and Karen’s love for Brian.

Overall, you need to watch this! It’s got a killer cast, proper British greats! This film will make you laugh and cry and sing along! I’m surprised not many people have heard of it with a cast like this but that’s why I wanted to review in on my blog because it’s a hidden gem of a film.

Perfect Popcorn Score – Still Crazy, get’s a great big ten from me! It’s just the perfect feel-good film and I still listen to the soundtrack now!  – 10/10.