The Ugly Truth (2009)

theuglytruth This film is one of those easy to watch rom-coms that you put on, chill out and enjoy.  Katherine Heigl seemed to want Jennifer Aniston’s rom-com queen crown around that time but seemed to fail when she was deemed ‘difficult’ to work with. 

Abby, played by Katherine Heigl  is a successful television producer and a very hopeless romantic that believes that she will meet the guy of her dreams one day.  Abby is watching TV alone (well, with her cat..) and comes across a ‘cable’ show called The Ugly Truth and it’s presenter/creator Mike Chadway, played by Gerard ButlerAbby is disgusted by Mike’s attitude and actually calls into his show, making a fool of herself in the process.  The next day her bosses all (coincidentally) saw the show and want to make it a feature of their morning show, Abby reluctantly agrees.

Abby meets Colin, played by Eric Winter and she is desperate for the relationship to work so she goes against her morals and get’s Mike to help her.  I mean it’s kind of a bet but still, why build a relationship being someone you’re not to try and prove a point? It’s obviously not going to end well…

This film has some good laughs and an OK story line highlighting what women think men (should) want and what men actually want.  Personally I think it’s all about opinions and based on individuals at certain times in life.  Everyone is in different situations, this film doesn’t really dig deep into that and misses, The Ugly Truth really. It’s a pretty predictable story line so don’t expect anything big but there’s worse films out there.

Acting is average and let’s face it there’s only so much you can do with a script like this but Gerard Butler does his best and makes this film.  Heigl is the same in every romantic comedy she’s cast in, nothing new here. The rest of the cast didn’t stand out but they did their jobs.

There’s no effects or anything in particular worth mentioning but like I said sadly this film does miss the point.  All men aren’t just after sex and all women aren’t just after marriage and babies (or vice versa).  This film massively stereotypes gender and it’s funny in parts but I’m getting a little tired of this same stereotype used constantly.

Overall, it’s easy watching and like I said, not the worst out there but it’s not one of the best romantic comedies either. It’s very predictable but if you’re at home looking for something to watch for a laugh then, why not?

Perfect Popcorn Score – I’m giving it a six, it’s your average rom-com with some good laughs but nothing to rave over – 6/10.